Svetlin Manavski Computer Science Engineer
Welcome to Svetlin Manavski's personal web site
Svetlin Manavski has MSc from the University of Padua, Italy (in Italian: Laurea in Ingegneria Informatica). He is a member of IEEE since 1997. He is a Software Engineer with broad experience in High Performance Computing and network programming, particularly related to secure data transfer over unreliable networks. Since the beginning of his career he led the development of a number of mission critical solutions, like Italian Antimafia Certification, the communications layer of the Italian national power provisioning system, inter-banking data exchange projects and international supply chain solutions.
He has pioneered GPGPU solutions in the fields of cryptography and bioinformatics which are still references in their fields. He currently works on HPC projects in the networking field.


  • Winner of The National Contest of Computer Science of Silistra, Bulgaria, 1989
  • Winner of The National Olympiad in Informatics, Bulgaria 1990, The most prestigious national competition of Computer science of Bulgaria

Major areas of interest:

  • High Performance, multi-threaded applications, particularly in C++
  • Networking and communication protocols, Client/Server and Multi-Tier models
  • Cryptography, Digital Signatures, Network Security
  • GPGPU (General Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units)
  • Financial Derivatives


Svetlin A. Manavski, "Cuda compatible GPU as an efficient hardware accelerator for AES cryptography",  In Proc. IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication, ICSPC 2007, (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), pp.65-68, November 2007.

Svetlin A. Manavski, Giorgio Valle, "CUDA compatible GPU cards as efficient hardware accelerators for Smith-Waterman sequence alignment", BMC Bioinformatics 2008, 9(Suppl 2):S10 (26 March 2008)
Check the home page of the SmithWaterman-CUDA for more information.


Svetlin A. Manavski, Alessandro Albiero, Claudio Forcato, Nicola Vitulo, Giorgio Valle, "GEAgpu: Improved alignment of spliced DNA sequences to genomic data using Graphics Processing Units", European Conference on Computational Biology, ECCB 2008, September 22-26th, Sardinia-Italy

Nicola Vitulo, Alessandro Albiero, Claudio Forcato, Elisa Caniato, Alessandra Bilardi, Svetlin A.Manavski, Davide Campagna, Giorgio Valle, "Gene prediction platform improved with second generation sequencers"
, European Conference on Computational Biology, ECCB 2008, September 22-26th, Sardinia-Italy